About the Company


The company MAISON™ - is a group of young professionals that offers you the additional equipment for commercial vehicles. Vans floor covering MAISON™ MegaPolyk made of moisture-resistant material (plywood) and is completely new for the Ukrainian market, which protects not only your vehicle, and your cargo. It is the perfect solution - the basis for fixing the modular, rack, drawers, and any other storage equipment. Paneling van MAISON™ MegaBody in combination with tie straps to secure cargo, your car will be protected from damage from the inside. Ideal for daily use in all commercial vehicles regardless of your expertise: Ventilation, Plumber, Shop, Woodworking, Courier, Painting, Gardening, Repair service technology, service delivery, building-circuit work.
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We are looking for partners for the sale of plywood floor for vans and trim the side wall of the van out of plywood in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Germany, France and other countries.  


Your suggestions please mail to info@maison.com.ua.